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Luxury underfloor heating provider Thermogroup are continually innovating, improving products and transforming processes and that makes Actionpoint the perfect partner to provide flexible solutions for their packaging.


Thermogroup wanted to save money on their packaging and also find a supplier that could ensure they would never run out. Secondly, being a rapidly expanding business they needed stock holding space for their own goods rather than tying up space with packaging.  What they really needed was a faultless packaging supply.


A Thermogroup employee had dealt with Actionpoint in a previous job and recommended we worked together.  After a fully independent packaging audit by a qualified technician we came up with some ideas and improvements based on the findings of the investigation.


The first step was to cross check all specifications for their packaging and generate quotes.  Thermogroup saved money on their current costs which benefitted them financially and our bespoke stock system controlled by our purchasing team ensured they had rolling stock of all their products held at one of our warehouses for immediate despatch.


Actionpoint not only helped increase efficiency at Thermogroup but once the correct system was in place a faultless packaging supply was delivered that saved Thermogroup between 5% and 18% across all areas of packaging. Having dealt in the industry for over 40 years Actionpoint were able to provide a service to a company that needed reliable supplier.

“It is great to deal with a company with so much experience, they clearly understand our company and provide us the best service and expertise! Our supply of packaging has greatly improved because it’s never been so easy to manage stock with help from the Actionpoint purchasing team”

Ken of Thermogroup