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Fudge Kitchen

Fudge Kitchen

Fudge Kitchen have been handcrafting special recipe fudge for over 35 years, using traditional methods and lots of love!  They have a very high reputation amongst customers and are certainly one of the worlds tastiest fudge manufacturers.


Large companies like Fudge Kitchen are constantly looking for ways to improve and get ahead of their competition.  One area identified where money could be saved was packaging.  This is also a great way of standing out from your competition.  Time is money and having to deal with large volumes of commodity materials could be viewed as an inefficient use of time.  As Actionpoint have over 4 decades of experience in the packaging industry we were able to help solve their packaging challenges.


After a fully independent packaging audit by a qualified technician, we came up with some ideas and improvements based on the findings of the investigation.


We met with the Fudge Kitchen packaging experts and came up with a plan that not only saved them money but also helped them in managing their packaging in a more efficient way.

Here’s what we did –

  • Set up and manage a stock system for them to call off products when they needed them.
  • Supply printed references on all their boxes so they are able to differentiate boxes quickly at the packing line
  • Ship products out on split deliveries to all of their numerous locations across the UK including their retail outlets.


Since helping to improve the supply chain, Fudge Kitchen found increased efficiency in their packaging and we are pleased to have been aiding this fantastic company for over 5 years.

“Quality products and excellent customer service combine to make Actionpoint stand out from the crowd.  Their unwavering reliability and keenness to find solutions means a critical part of the supply-chain almost runs itself.”

Paul Morrissey of Fudge Kitchen