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Artisan du Chocolat

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Artisan du Chocolat


We were asked to help Artisan with 2 difficult situations they had;

  • Managing the packaging workload along with everything else that needed to happen in the company.
  • Improving a specific packaging design to solve an issue where products kept falling over on shop shelves.


Artisan were experiencing supply chain problems with the logistics and technicality of their packaging.  A contributing factor to packaging inefficiency was an unreliable packaging vendor.  This meant that the employees and director of L’Artisan du Chocolat were spending a lot of time managing the packaging workload and its various deadlines. As often the case this can easily impact on company performance because it can become a distraction. Space for storing packaging was becoming an issue as the fast growth of the company meant more room was needed for production facilities.  Without innovation, packaging is often considered a dead cost, therefore, by being leading industry experts Actionpoint adds value to packaging with flexible working solutions.


Over the following weeks we worked with the company owner to set up our Freedom Program to reduce the time spent managing packaging.  The key to our freedom programme is flexibility which includes on-site stock checks, stock holding and efficient disaster proof systems to ensure they get the right product every time with little hassle.

In one particular situation, after a meeting to discuss the one of the challenges they were facing, our packaging technologist and design team came up with a solution within 6 hours.  We designed and prototyped an insert to go in the shelf ready packaging (SRP) which allowed the chocolate products to stand correctly on the shelf in all their supermarket stores.


Worry free is an understatement – the packaging now just happens for Artisan and one of the most important parts of the supply chain runs itself. Secondly, they know they can rely on us to deliver on time, suggest product improvements and overall packaging reductions where applicable.

Paul of Artisan du Chocolat says:

”Amazing how quickly and accurately they can fulfil any of our stock or bespoke PO’s with none of the quality issues or hassle we have had with so many previous suppliers. We realise we are very particular about our product and specification and now we seem to have a supplier who that is important to also.”