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Insight Pledge for 2017

In January of 2016, we launched a game changer called The INSIGHT Program. With great confidence, we could say to selected companies that we can and will save them up to 15% not only on their packaging but on their whole process. By February 2016 we had drawn the attention of the industry’s biggest and most trusted magazine, Packaging News who wanted to know more about INSIGHT and they published a story about it, since then the INSIGHT Program has been a great success and we can now offer customers savings of 17% on average as opposed to the original 15%.

For 2017 we are committed to improving these savings and we pledge to increase that average saving to 20% by January 2018. The INSIGHT Program is currently an invitation-only service but with our unique manufacturing and buying power, we are confident that we can help most companies save substantial amounts of money on their packaging and processes!

Keep yourself up to date with INSIGHT and the progress of the INSIGHT Pledge 2017, in our future newsletters on our website. It is under the “Latest News” link that can be found on our Homepage.

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