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Frequently Solved Problems

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Frequently Solved Problems

We thought we’d share some of the problems that have been brought to us by customers over the years;

  • I’ve had a problem with four other suppliers making my trays slightly wonky and none of them can find a solution
  • I’m launching a fabulous range of chocolates into Aldi and I need the packaging to look the business
  • Our customers are complaining that the goods are arriving damaged – how can we improve the packaging without increasing costs?
  • Our warehouse has been laid out like this for 15 years – can you think of any ways of improving it?
  • We are always running out of packaging, and it holds up the production line
  • I don’t really have the time for packaging – can I trust you to manage it for me?
  • We need more warehouse space but it’s all filled with packaging – can you help?

We see customers’ packaging problems as a great opportunity to deliver innovative, money-saving solutions that will change the way you do things for the better.

Is your packaging keeping you awake at night? Contact us  – we have the solution!