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I used to be a coffee cup - read my story below

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The Problem

  • paper production uses huge amounts of energy.
  • typically 15,000 litres of (hot) water per tonne.
  • recycling uses even more, up to 20,000 litres per tonne.
  • the power to produce this paper stock is normally carbon producing.
  • typically a tonne of paper requires 3,600 kwh (kilowatt hours) of electricity to produce, which is equal to heating an average home for three months.
  • that is approximately 4,600kg of carbon per tonne of paper !

This process produces clean recycled papers while actually REDUCING carbon in the atmosphere

  • our paper makers stock is all pre-consumer waste PE coated board (coffee and soft drink cups) predominantly from the US market.
  • all power used in the recycling process is hydro-electric or biofuel generated.
  • by using locally grown rice husk as a biofuel (this is an agricultural waste bi-product) not a fossil fuel, the carbon footprint is nil.
  • the carbonated husk known as bio-char is retuned to agricultural use as an eco-fertiliser which substantially increases crop yield therefore making the process carbon negative.

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