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Tillett Racing Seats
Case Study


Tillett Racing Seats is the leading supplier of kart racing products. They utilise decades of development, knowledge, and modern technology, to produce models dedicated to performance and comfort for all classes of karting around the world. Their seats have been used by drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Michael Schumacher, Lando Norris, Kimi Raikkonen, and Jenson Button.


Premium quality and expertise have placed Tillett Racing Seats in demand at the very highest levels of motorsport. The company approached Actionpoint for help in updating their packaging to make it equally slick and competitive.

Tillett was interested in improving efficiencies around packing, warehouse storage, and administration. They also needed a new design for one of their products and wanted to improve the sustainability and branding of their existing packaging.


Actionpoint undertook an Insight review to better understand Tillett’s packaging processes, investigate any problems in detail, and identify where improvements could be made. In turn, Tillett came to an appointment at the Packaging Creation Lounge to work with our in-house designers on bespoke packaging solutions.

The company’s current car seat packaging included plastic, which Tillett was keen to reduce, and it was very time-consuming to pack. The boxes were being purchased in large quantities and this was encroaching on valuable storage space. Branding was inconsistent across the packaging range and in need of a refresh. The company’s Defender Rib Protector product, widely regarded in the industry as the benchmark in protector technology, didn’t have a box at all.


Actionpoint created new boxes featuring the same high-impact branding to showcase the business to its fullest. We designed a completely new packing system for the car seats, addressing all of the previous issues and providing additional protection for these high value items. Packaging test samples were made, reviewed with Tillett, and adjusted a couple of times until they were just right for their needs.

Actionpoint introduced a stockholding agreement to free up critical storage space for Tillett, with next day delivery of stock to ensure they always have packaging when they need it. We simplified their stock management and re-ordering by setting up an online account on The Actionpoint Portal and helped Tillett create new product codes to improve their own stock control system.


  • Saved packaging costs with more competitive pricing
  • Created a faster, more efficient packing system
  • Increased storage space for products instead of packaging
  • Reduced plastic content to improve packaging sustainability
  • Introduced consistent branding across the product range
  • Easy and reliable stock management with online tools

Motor vehicle parts manufacturing

Sittingbourne, Kent

Service Required
Insight Packaging Review, Sustainable Packaging, Packaging Creation Lounge

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PET (1) and HDPE (2) are widely accepted in household recycling waste. Soft/flexible LDPE (4) products like carrier bags can be taken to supermarkets. Remember that recycling facilities differ between councils, so check with your local authority to see what you can put in your home recycling bin.



PET or PETE. Polyethylene terephthalate e.g. soft drink bottles, fruit punnets.



HDPE. High-density polyethylene e.g. milk bottles, shampoo bottles



PVC. Polyvinyl chloride e.g. window frames, shower curtains, toys.



LDPE. Low-density polyethylene e.g. carrier bags, rings/yokes for multipacks of cans.



PP. Polypropylene e.g. bottle caps, margarine tubs, carrier bags.



PS. Polystyrene e.g. takeaway cups and containers, yoghurt pots.