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It’s never been easier to switch to sustainable packaging

Eden Sustainable products help you to reduce the carbon
footprint of your packaging step by step.

Eden range

For many years, we have been researching and testing materials and designs for sustainable packaging alternatives. We can help you to use less packaging, reduce plastic content, and embrace recyclable materials… all while maintaining the protection you need.
Our Eden Sustainable range offers quality, strength, and appeal while minimising the impact on our planet. Eden packaging is made from materials that are recycled, recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable, and leave little to no waste. Best of all, product innovation is an ongoing process and so the range will continue to grow with the latest advances in ethical packaging.

Paper bubblewrap

A great plastic-free alternative to standard bubblewrap. Eden paper bubblewrap is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Supplied in sheet form and available in brown or white, this product is perfect for extra protection and voidfill solutions.

Self-adhesive paper tape

Recyclable tape made from brown  paper. Offers good adhesion on irregular surfaces and conveniently can be used in a standard tape dispenser. The tape is temperature resistant up to 60 degrees and can be personalised with company branding.

Gummed (water activated) paper tape

Paper tape with a natural adhesive making it 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It can be used with manual or automatic gummed paper tape dispensers and is perfect for print branding.


We have a large stock range of Eden polybags, and they are all packed in dispenser packs. Made using 30% post-consumer waste, they are exempt from Plastic Packaging Tax. The bags are 100% recyclable and suitable for direct food contact.

Reinforced self-adhesive paper tape

Extra strong and with shock absorption, this tape provides greater security and a tamper evident seal. Made from classic brown Kraft paper and can be used in a standard tape dispenser.

Paper edge guards

These 100% recyclable edge guards protect the edges of your goods and add pallet stability. Made from strong and robust fibreboard. Stock sizes are available, or we can customise the size, length, and thickness to fit the required task.

Paper bubble mailers

Free from plastic, and super lightweight, these mailers are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Available in all the standard sizes you would expect and offer the same great protection. With a peel and seal strip to make packing quick and easy.

Paper wallets

An ideal paper alternative to plastic document wallets. This 100% plastic-free option is manufactured from biodegradable glassline paper and is free from solvents. Printed with the words Documents Enclosed and recycling symbol the Mobius loop.

Paper strapping

Strong, robust, and completely recyclable alternative to polypropylene plastic strapping. For automatic and semi-automatic production operations. Can be used in certain strapping machines without any adaption. 100% recyclable and biodegradable.


Thin, high-performance film with 30% recycled content and Plastic Packaging Tax exempt. It’s pre-stretched to increase efficiency and ease of use. Double the length of standard palletwrap (600m) with triple reinforced edges to prevent damage.

Bespoke Eden solutions

We can create exceptionally bespoke packaging solutions using sustainable materials and innovative design. Working closely with you, we capture your product requirements and environmental aims in one neat solution. Contact us to find out more.

An easy process

With the UK Government’s introduction of Plastic Packaging Tax in 2022 and Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging in 2025, there’s never been a better time to consider greener alternatives.

Our Eden range gives you more choice than ever before whether you want to start small or make broader changes to your packaging and systems. Either way, we make it easy for you. Our team will advise you on the right Eden products for you and how to make the transition to sustainable packaging as smooth as possible.

For a more in-depth guide to going green, contact us today and arrange an Insight packaging review. A specialist will arrange to visit your premises to observe your packaging processes. Afterwards you will receive a report recommending specific actions to take to increase efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and reduce waste.


PET (1) and HDPE (2) are widely accepted in household recycling waste. Soft/flexible LDPE (4) products like carrier bags can be taken to supermarkets. Remember that recycling facilities differ between councils, so check with your local authority to see what you can put in your home recycling bin.



PET or PETE. Polyethylene terephthalate e.g. soft drink bottles, fruit punnets.



HDPE. High-density polyethylene e.g. milk bottles, shampoo bottles



PVC. Polyvinyl chloride e.g. window frames, shower curtains, toys.



LDPE. Low-density polyethylene e.g. carrier bags, rings/yokes for multipacks of cans.



PP. Polypropylene e.g. bottle caps, margarine tubs, carrier bags.



PS. Polystyrene e.g. takeaway cups and containers, yoghurt pots.