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  • Design Insight

    If you are passionate about customer experience or facing packaging problems, then a Design Insight is the one for you. The review is ideal whether you want to create exciting new packaging, communicate brand values, craft a memorable unboxing, or use clever design to tackle issues around assembly, packing times, and damage rates.

    A Design Insight takes bespoke packaging to the next level. Your packaging is not only tailored to your products, customers, and brand, but also to integrate seamlessly with your company’s unique processes, premises, and team.

  • Efficiency Insight

    Set aside a few hours with a packaging specialist for an Efficiency Insight and you are guaranteed to discover significant savings. This packaging review analyses and streamlines your packaging processes from start to finish.

    Efficiency Insight considers your packaging design and performance, materials and manufacture, supply and quality, packing and palleting, and storage and transportation. Afterwards, you receive a report giving recommendations to help you lower costs and improve productivity. Try it yourself and take advantage of expert packaging advice and opportunities to increase your net income.

  • Environmental Insight

    Every business should have sustainable packaging on their agenda. Today’s consumers and governments are increasingly eco-conscious, and they find excessive, non-recyclable, and hard-to-recycle packaging unacceptable.

    Environmental Insight shows you how every aspect of your packaging processes can be amended to have the least impact on the earth. Eco objectives are discussed with your senior management, while solutions are devised in collaboration with relevant members of your team. Whether you want to go plastic-free, cut waste, or increase recyclability, the answers are cost-effective, practical, and easy to implement.

  • Design

  • Efficiency

  • Environmental

Actionpoint Packaging Experts help our customers
achieve an average of 17% efficiency improvement!

Is your current packaging supply and quality unreliable?

Packing and assembly lines too slow?

Do you require more sustainable packaging alternatives?

Looking to support a Lean Six Sigma efficiency drive?

Our experts will review your current processes and look to find areas
of improvement in design, efficiency, and sustainability.

Insight consulting

An Insight review is tailored to your organisation and packaging goals. This means the audit can focus on one or more of the following key elements.


A comprehensive packaging design process tailored to your products, customers, and operation.

  • Turns your packaging into a marketing tool.

    Targeted promotion

  • Ideal for new product launches or rebrands.

    Showcasing goods

  • Uses the latest materials and smart design.

    Exciting innovation

  • Delivers a host of efficiency and cost savings.

    Stronger profits

  • Packaging tested and trialled before you buy.

    Peace of mind

  • Practical solutions to reduce carbon footprint.

    Sustainable packaging


An MOT for your packaging processes with practical solutions to reduce costs and maximise output.

  • Saves on average 17% in operational costs.

    Higher profitability

  • Perfect for businesses using e-commerce.

    Driving success

  • Speeds up packing times and order fulfilment.

    Faster production

  • Complements Lean Six Sigma approach.

    Superior performance

  • Simplifies your packaging management.

    Easier admin

  • Ideal for packaging 2+ years since last audit.

    Cutting-edge solutions


A cost-effective and holistic approach helping you to achieve your company’s sustainability goals.

  • Genuine solutions, no greenwashing.

    Honest advice

  • Shows customers you care about eco impact.

    Brand values

  • Recommendations to suit every budget.

    Flexible options

  • Keeps you ahead of the competition.

    Market leader

  • Reduces waste and your carbon footprint.

    Measurable impact

  • Suitable for all, even energy-intensive industries.

    Sustainable business

Insight Audit Enquiry

Interested in an Insight packaging review? Just complete this short form. Select which aspect of your packaging is your main area of focus from the list below. Don’t worry if there is more than one area that interests you, we can discuss your specific requirements when we get in touch.


Enter your contact details so that we can get back to you. You will get a confirmation email, so you know we have received your information.


Insight FAQs

This is quite simple to answer – as long as you like! Depending on how many aspects of your packing and despatch process you would like looked at, this usually takes anything from 1 hour to half a day.

As a guide, we estimate 1 hour per discussion area, so if this is just packaging products/materials then 1 hour would often cover it. But if you are interested in looking into pack timing, the unboxing and damage reductions, and the environmental aspects of your packaging, then add on around 1 hour for each area.

Insight will be helpful to you in pretty much every situation with two main exceptions:

  1. If you have very recently had a full and independent packaging and process audit.
  2. If the packaging you are currently using has only very recently been put in place (after assessing the method and materials to be the correct one for you), and it’s too early to determine its effectiveness.

This can be very quick. The Insight report is usually ready within 3-5 days. Included with this report is a clear list of suggested actions, and these can be put into place by us as soon as you would like. For example, prototypes and samples of new packaging designs, or a date for a re-visit to discuss the findings of the report and create an action timeline.

Your packaging has the potential to be a major asset or a money pit to your operation. With Insight, you know exactly what you need to do to succeed.

PET (1) and HDPE (2) are widely accepted in household recycling waste. Soft/flexible LDPE (4) products like carrier bags can be taken to supermarkets. Remember that recycling facilities differ between councils, so check with your local authority to see what you can put in your home recycling bin.



PET or PETE. Polyethylene terephthalate e.g. soft drink bottles, fruit punnets.



HDPE. High-density polyethylene e.g. milk bottles, shampoo bottles



PVC. Polyvinyl chloride e.g. window frames, shower curtains, toys.



LDPE. Low-density polyethylene e.g. carrier bags, rings/yokes for multipacks of cans.



PP. Polypropylene e.g. bottle caps, margarine tubs, carrier bags.



PS. Polystyrene e.g. takeaway cups and containers, yoghurt pots.