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25 Mar
Fudge Kitchen
Category: Case Studies - Problems Solved
07 Jan
Category: Case Studies - Problems Solved
01 Dec
Artisan Case Study
Artisan du Chocolat
Category: Case Studies - Problems Solved
04 Aug
The power of unboxing
Category: Uncategorized
The power of unboxing Consumers’ unboxing experiences have become very public – and powerful – events. Vast numbers of internet users now post videos of their unboxing experiences ...
04 Aug
Sales environments
Category: Uncategorized
Sales environments Different sales environments have a large impact on product packaging design. For instance, to sell effectively online requires different features from effective...
04 Aug
Say enough but not too much
Category: Uncategorized
Say enough but not too much Your product’s packaging will convey a message to consumers right at the time they are deciding whether to buy it. Or whether to buy your competitor’s p...
04 Aug
packaging investment blog image
How to turn your packaging from a dead cost to an investment
Category: Blog
Is your packaging spend too high? Many people feel they spend too much money on packaging. It can be an uninspiring purchase – repetitive consignments of boring bland material! Yet...
04 Aug
Form, function and feelings
Category: Uncategorized
Form, function and feelings Smart packaging helps consumers to feel an emotional attachment to your brand. Colour, typography and packaging design have tangible effects on shopping...
08 Jul
Wuhan, China - East Asia, Corona virus, Pneumonia
The New Normal – a Nightmare or A Walk in the Park?
Category: Blog, Industry News, Product Focus, ...
So here we are – coming out of CoVid-19 Lockdown and into – What…..? People everywhere are asking the questions “Is my workplace CoVid Secure?” “Will I be safe going out shopping?”...
18 Jan
MPMA calls for greater transparency of recycling attributes
Category: Industry News
The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) feels there needs to be greater transparency of packaging materials’ recycling credentials. New research commissioned by MPMA i...