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be sustainable, be eden.

Over the past few years we have researched and tested sustainable packaging products to make sure we are offering our customers the most responsible packaging options.

We have created a product range of eco friendly packaging solutions whilst keeping the costs down to support businesses in ‘going green’.

Each eden product has been carefully selected based on the needs of our customers and their products.

Product Range

All items in the eden range are sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable, and have minimal to zero waste.

Bio bubblewrap

eco friendly_eden_paper_bubblewrap

Paper bubblewrap

Self adhesive paper tape

eco friendly_eden_gummed_paper_tape

Gummed paper tape


Reinforced self adhesive paper tape

Paper edge guards

Paper bubble mailers

Paper wallets

Paper strapping


Insight eden

Insight eden is our sustainable programme ideal for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. We will examine your packaging process from start to finish, and advise you on any sustainable, more environmentally friendly alternatives to help your business ‘go-green’.

With our new, fully sustainable bespoke product range, you will have more choice than ever before, to ensure that your transition to eco-friendly alternatives is seamless while keeping your costs down.

• All products are designed to meet your packaging and sustainability needs
• Prototype testing at no extra cost to make sure you are 100% confident before you commit
• Cost-effective solutions that can reduce your overall spend
• You will have full ownership of your packaging supply chain
• You will be one step ahead of any changes to legislations
• Your business will be more sustainable
• Offer an alternative to plastics, to protect you from the new plastic packaging Tax

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