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Fast food giant McDonald’s has become the latest big foodservice name to outlaw plastic straws at its UK outlets.

The restaurant chain will replace plastic straws with paper ones and follows a successful trial in selected outlets. It will complete the move to paper next year.

In a statement, McDonald’s said that the move reflected the “broader public debate” and that its customers “wanted to see a move on straws”. Environment Secretary Michael Gove backed the decision calling it a “significant contribution” to the environment.

The UK division’s stance follows in the footsteps of other organisations. Pub chain Weatherspoon is eliminating plastic straws across 900 outlets while Costa will phase them out over the course of the year. Earlier this month hotel chain Hilton announced it would be eliminating plastic straws and bottles worldwide.

Last month, McDonald’s shareholders blocked a move to force it to reveal how many plastic straws it uses worldwide.