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It all adds up to a more environmentally and socially responsible way of packaging your goods.

Insight eden is a new programme from Actionpoint that provides advice on, and access to, more environmentally friendly and socially responsible packaging solutions, even if your packaging is custom-manufactured.

Whatever your products and however they need to be packaged, our experts will design and manufacture a bespoke solution that is more environmentally friendly than the packaging you currently use and which offers the high quality product and brand protection you require.

‘Going green’ needn’t cost any more than you currently spend. Indeed it may even work out more cost-efficient. So there’s every reason to get in touch with us to find out how Insight eden can make you greener – and leaner.

How Insight eden improves sustainability

Our experts will visit you to discuss your company’s aims and to what degree you wish to adjust your packaging to be more in line with current environmental trends. We’ll examine everything – from how you can reduce cardboard usage with new, innovative box designs through to sustainable alternatives to plastic labels, packaging tape, film, void fill and cushioning.

From there we will design prototypes that you can trial to check that they deliver everything that your current packaging solution delivers. Once you are happy with the results, we will manufacture your new packaging in the quantities you require.

A huge range of innovative solutions

Actionpoint has a reputation for being at the forefront of the packaging industry when it comes to product innovation and our Insight eden is no exception.

Over the past few years we have been developing a range of sustainable, climate-neutral packaging products and materials that are recyclable or compostable and which generate minimal or zero waste – for example plant-based bio-plastics, the world’s first sustainable and fully recyclable air pillows made from sugarcane and our unique Impact Board which is a great alternative to foam or polystyrene.

Our industry standing also means we’re often the first to hear about newer, even more innovative solutions that can help you to formulate an ethical supply chain.

However Insight eden isn’t just about switching to more environmentally friendly and socially responsible materials; we’ve also been looking into more efficient, leaner ways of packaging goods, especially when it comes to bespoke packaging solutions. And of course an extra benefit is that neater, lighter packaging can give you lower shipping costs bringing you significant savings.

Your packaging materials speak volumes

How you package your products also speaks volumes about the kind of company you are. Insisting on environmentally friendly and socially responsible packaging adds up to a great PR message as customers increasingly take note of the packaging that’s protecting their orders.

What’s in it for you?

  • Innovative – not simply paper-based alternatives and plant-based alternatives but a whole range of other options that add up to greener alternatives.
  • As bespoke as you need it to be – takes into account everything you need to achieve, no need to opt for off-the-shelf products that may not suit your needs. Hassle-free – becoming greener is quick and easy, we can supply amazingly bespoke packaging.
  • Prototype trials – test out any new suggestions at no expense or commitment to see how they can work for you before commitment.
  • Cost-efficient – being greener needn’t cost you any more than you currently spend, indeed it can sometimes work out more cost-effective.
  • Legislation – as legislation moves increasingly towards an emphasis on newer materials, you will already have a robust environmentally-responsible policy in place.
  • Supply chain clarity – full custody of your packaging supply chain bringing transparency for you.
  • A great PR story – tell customers about your exciting new innovative eco-packaging solutions for a unique PR story that places you ahead of the competition.

For a more environmentally and socially responsible way of packaging your goods. Call us on 0800 840 9570 or complete our contact form