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Why the Actionpoint Puzzle Cube? - Watch our video!

To some people the Puzzle Cube means hours of puzzling and trying, to a few people it may be just minutes, to a very few it may be just a few seconds. Thankfully, we have some of the ‘few seconds’ guys on board with us, meaning that if you have any packaging issues that you don’t want to spend time working your way through, well here we are.

A Puzzle Cube has an incredible 43 quintillion possibilities which implies that there are infinite answers out there. However, like the ‘speed cubers’ who can solve this Cube in less than six seconds, our years of experience in the packaging industry, together with our other sister and member companies, enables us to instinctively  know where to look. As a result you can trust us to find the best solutions, faster.

Actionpoint is a solutions-focused company, constantly on the ball, ear to the ground, seeking out new and innovative ways to deliver tailored packaging solutions that lead to efficiencies and cost savings for the customer.

As a business you never stand still, or at least you should never stand still, as your industry won’t be. As ever-more innovative solutions are released into the marketplace we, as a specialist in our field, are constantly on the look-out for and assessing new ways to enable our customers to stay ahead of the game.

It’s in our blood to seek out and indeed produce new products and trial them until we find the optimum solution. The best solution. We are, in effect, the ’packaging guru‘, the company that others can depend on to solve their toughest packaging problems because they know we won’t rest until we’ve found the answer.

Actionpoint: Helping you solve your packaging problems.