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Published: Jul 8, 2020 Updated: Jan 3, 2024
Published: Jul 8, 2020 Updated: Jan 3, 2024

Graham Pollard

Lead Researcher for the Business Development Team with a wealth of knowledge having joined the family business in 1985.

Covid 19 – The new normal. A nightmare or a walk in the park?

So here we are – coming out of Covid-19 Lockdown and into – What…..?

People everywhere are asking the questions

“Is my workplace Covid Secure?”
“Will I be safe going out shopping?”
“What about my favourite eateries?”
“Are hospitals REALLY safe to visit….?”
“Should I use public transport….?”

And in turn, this is a potential HEADACHE for those responsible……how can they be SURE of making their environment truly Covid Secure?

Unfortunately this is NOT a simple question! Advice is available wherever you look at the moment…..Some is reliable; sadly some is not.

High quality advice from the UK Government, the Health & Safety Executive, the NHS and the Royal College of General Practitioners is flagging up that there are multiple bases to cover – with each different environment throwing up unique challenges.

So….the New Normal is turning into a Nightmare, right…..?

Not necessarily. Some organisations are navigating through this unique crisis with VERY positive results. With clearly defined goals and actions – and a commitment to making their staff and customers feel special – they are truly turning the difficulties into ADVANTAGES.

There are two aspects that these organisations tell us that they find KEY to success:

Being able to disinfect LARGE areas and equipment quickly, simply and regularly.
Knowing that they are HIGHLY effective in ELIMINATING viruses and bacteria – not only DURING the clean, but BETWEEN cleans too.

Through these capabilities they can DEMONSTRATE to their staff and customers – their MOST important assets – that they are genuinely doing the BEST to keep them and their environments Covid Secure.

New technologies like FastSan PowerSystem75 and Bacoban have been developed SPECIFICALLY to provide these abilities in today’s evolving New Normal.

As a result, every organisation now has the power to decide for itself: do WE want a Nightmare….or a Walk in the Park?

Those who choose to harness the power of these new technologies say they are enjoying their Walks in the Park…..and lots of other things too, with the peace of mind and free time they have gained!

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PET (1) and HDPE (2) are widely accepted in household recycling waste. Soft/flexible LDPE (4) products like carrier bags can be taken to supermarkets. Remember that recycling facilities differ between councils, so check with your local authority to see what you can put in your home recycling bin.



PET or PETE. Polyethylene terephthalate e.g. soft drink bottles, fruit punnets.



HDPE. High-density polyethylene e.g. milk bottles, shampoo bottles



PVC. Polyvinyl chloride e.g. window frames, shower curtains, toys.



LDPE. Low-density polyethylene e.g. carrier bags, rings/yokes for multipacks of cans.



PP. Polypropylene e.g. bottle caps, margarine tubs, carrier bags.



PS. Polystyrene e.g. takeaway cups and containers, yoghurt pots.