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An independent insight to unlock hidden efficiencies in your packaging

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In an economy where every penny counts, it makes financial sense to strip out any waste from your operations – needless waste that could be translated into profit and increased market share.

Our Insight Programme came about because we were finding that many of our new customers had been overspending on their existing packaging operations – from inappropriate packaging through to poor workflow in the warehouse plus a whole range of less obvious supply chain and quality issues.

Become up to 25% more efficient

Since its inception in 2014, our Insight Programme has been able to increase customers’ packaging efficiency by an average of 17% by recommending bespoke solutions, time savings, staff training, single sourcing and other improvements. In 2020 alone this rose to an average of 25%.

Why is the Insight Programme so effective?

The Insight Programme examines your packaging activities in detail to ensure that everything is running as efficiently as possible, pinpointing any areas of improvement and recommending practical solutions that can be implemented cost-effectively, without delay and without compromising the quality of your products or services. It is the only independently run packaging audit that covers all areas of packaging and process from materials, quantities purchased, product performance, waste reduction, product design and prototyping. Because the audit is carried out by an independent packaging technologist rather than one of our own salesman, it’s completely unbiased and without an obligation to use our services.

Practical solutions that make a real difference to your bottom line

Our Insight Programme identifies any areas where your packaging isn’t performing as you require, analysing costs, packing times, space used and a whole range of other issues. It also pinpoints areas where your packaging could add value to your brand. Most important of all, it identifies if your overall packaging spend is too high, providing objective, practical solutions that could bring your expenditure down.

Bespoke recommendations

Following the independent audit, you will be provided with a written report outlining areas of improvement along with practical recommendations. Then, if you wish (and only if you wish), Actionpoint’s packaging experts can work with you to develop a bespoke solution that puts all of these recommendations into practice.

What’s in it for you?

  • Independent – unbiased audit, report and recommendations with your interests in mind, not ours.
  • Branding – a look at how your packaging can support your brand using the latest technologies.
  • Unbiased laboratory testing – independent, external testing of all material specifications for complete confidence that any packaging is right for you.
  • Prototype trials – test out any new suggestions at no expense or commitment to see how they can work for you before commit.
  • Cost-effective – our excellent relationships with suppliers mean we’re able to offer attractive price breaks, even on bespoke stock, so you can reduce expenditure without cutting back on quality.
  • Certification and accreditation checks – carried out by our experts to ensure your packaging supply chain is fully up to date and has the correct certification in place for your industry.
  • Efficiency training – we can train your packaging buyers to make better, more efficient packaging decisions.
  • Up-to-date – quarterly reviews to keep you up to speed with new products and other advances so you always have the best packaging for the job.

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