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03 Oct
Government ‘mulls new tax’ on retailers for cardboard waste
Category: Industry News
The government could introduce new taxes on retailers using large amounts of cardboard, as part of the Resources and Waste Strategy. While retailers currently pay towards collec...
05 Sep
Plastics in Packaging a major focus at Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging 2018
Category: Industry News
Plastics in packaging – a hotly debated topic in the UK, is set to take centre stage at Packaging Innovations, Luxury Packaging and ADF London 2018. The show returns to Olympia ...
10 Aug
OPRL recyclable packaging design tool into final testing
Category: Industry News
OPRL’s PREP UK packaging design tool goes live this week with UK recycling infrastructure data for testing, ensuring recyclability assessments fully reflect current UK collectio...
23 Jul
Recyclable Coffee Cup
McDonald’s partners with Starbucks to invest in research for recyclable cup
Category: Industry News
McDonald’s has joined Starbucks as a founding member of a group attempting to commercialize a recyclable and compostable cup globally. McDonald’s is committing $5m in partnershi...
29 Jun
Viridor, Faerch Plast, and retail giants to recycle black plastic
Category: Industry News
Viridor has teamed with Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and food packaging manufacturer Faerch Plast to put recycled black plastic into new food grade packaging. The pro...
20 Jun
McDonald’s plans to phase out plastic straws across the UK
Category: Industry News
Fast food giant McDonald’s has become the latest big foodservice name to outlaw plastic straws at its UK outlets. The restaurant chain will replace plastic straws with paper one...
14 Jun
Collage created using TurboCollage software from
A perfect example of gross overpackaging!
Category: Action Point News, Industry News
Many mail order companies are still over-packaging items being delivered to customers, resulting in wasted materials and resources as they send out “big boxes of nothing”. These...
06 Jun
Waitrose creates punnets using dried tomato leaves
Category: Industry News
Waitrose is experimenting with a new form of non-plastic punnet which uses tomato leaves to help package tomatoes. The packaging is created in a complex process using the latest...
25 May
Cornetto rolls out new logo and packaging to look more “natural”
Category: Industry News
The Italian ice-cream brand, which turns 60 next year, has launched a “simplified” new look created by Design Bridge that aims to appear “younger and fresher”. Design Bridge has...
14 May
European Commission proposes taxing non-recycled plastic packaging waste after Brexit
Category: Industry News
The European Commission has announced plans to tax non-recycled plastic packaging waste in the new EU budget, following Britain’s exit next. It has suggested European Union nati...