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Our 2018 Journey

Why are we still in business?  We could say, ‘we wanted to make money’.  We all need to make money but there are thousands of ways to do this and why would we choose this route?  Or what if we said ‘we wanted to be our own bosses’?  In reality there are always customers, lenders, investors and government regulators that tell us what to do.  What our culture really boils down to is the desire to make packaging easy.  2018 could have been just another year to our 43 year history but we decided to do something a little differently… check out the timeline – View PDF Version

So you can see, we really have been busy.  All our activity adds up to putting the customer first because we really care you get the packaging that adds value to your business.  Yes you actually read that, packaging can add value to your business.  If you head over to our other blogs we have some fascinating posts on this topic put together by a top packaging specialist.  Bonus! We made sure it was jargon free so you absolutely understand!